Performer Bio

Musicians need bios for websites, concert programs, media promotions, and more. A common length is 150-250 words structured in concise paragraphs. Keep the paragraphs short and apply basic principles of good writing: vary sentence structure and length, employ active verbs, limit your use of adjectives and adverbs, favor shorter over longer words.

  • First Paragraph: Identity statement plus example. “Award-winning pianist Mai Name performs as soloist and chamber musician throughout the US. In recent seasons, she has appeared…”
    • Create a strong yet brief opening paragraph that stands on its own.
  • Middle Paragraph(s): Key activities and accomplishments. “Mai Name has performed concerti with the Suncoast and Downunder Symphonies… As a recitalist, she has appeared at the Kennedy Center, Weill Recital Hall and… Her repertoire encompasses great classics and innovative new works such as… Her awards include top prizes in… ”
    • You might focus each of the middle paragraphs on a topic – e.g., one paragraph about solo performances and your repertoire, another about chamber and/or orchestral work, another about prizes, another about community engagement, etc.
  • Final Paragraph: Education and background. “Ms. Name earned the Bachelor of Music degree in piano performance from the Peabody Conservatory, where she was recipient of the XYZ scholarship and studied with… As a fellow at the Aspen Music Festival, she worked under…”

Additional guidelines for writing musician bios: