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Meet your Summer 2016 Interns!

Please ask these students any questions you may have about internships or opportunities in the music industry. They have some knowledge of their own and can point you in the right direction! Feel free to contact them by e-mail if they include it in their bio.

Mackenzie MathisMarketing Intern at Jazz at Lincoln Center, NYC


Sophomore Music Management Major (Flute), Business Administration Minor

Going into college, I had zero interest in anything business related. I thought I knew for a fact that all I wanted to do in life was to teach music. However, my parents asked me to minor in music management on top of my music education degree.  Although I wasn’t originally thrilled about studying anything related to business, I ended up becoming very interested in music management.  Halfway through my freshman year, I decided that I wanted to get an internship for the summer to see if I truly liked it.  After a long application process, I ended up working as a marketing intern at Jazz at Lincoln Center, in Manhattan.  As an intern, I worked three full work days a week. I did everything from running errands to writing mass emails sent to a mailing list of 29,000 people. I also helped market our programs, including the Student Ticket program and our children’s program, WeBop.  In the office, on a daily basis, I had the opportunity to interact with different members and experience different areas of the marketing department. I also loved working in Manhattan, which greatly contributed to my internship experience. Every day, I could explore a different part of the city, eat lunch in different parks, or go on walks to new places. Being in the city gave me the opportunity to experience so much art and culture this summer, something I am very grateful for.

Something I discovered was that being in the workforce, especially for the first time, is a huge adjustment. You learn a lot very quickly, solely by being immersed in a work environment. Many arts organizations can be fast-paced, busy, and possibly a little chaotic, so you learn a lot as you go on the job. Logistically, the internship was very taxing for me personally. Because I don’t live close to Manhattan, I had to commute six hours each day, which made for very long, exhausting days. This obviously does not happen to everyone and is not the norm, depending on where you decide to work. But it is something that you have to keep in mind.  It is also important to know that it is very possible your future internship is unpaid. While paying for transportation, this can be difficult for many students. That being said, interning at Jazz at Lincoln Center was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, and I would definitely encourage everyone to apply for an internship if they have any interest.  If you have any questions about internships in general, or Jazz at Lincoln Center, you are more than welcome to contact me at!

Nicole Talerico, Premium Seat Sales Intern at Live Nation, NYC

*Nicole has also interned with Professor Xiang Gao for the Master Players’ Concert Series at UD


Senior Music Management Major (Saxophone), 4+1 MBA Graduate Student

This past summer, I interned with Live Nation in New York. Live Nation is an incredibly well known concert promotions company under the parent entertainment corporation Live Nation Entertainment. Live Nation is the global leader for live entertainment, producing over 22,000 concerts for 1,500 artists in 57 countries annually. Its mission is to maximize the live concert experience via production, marketing, and sales. My internship took place in the Premium Seat Sales (PSS) Department of Live Nation NYC, which aims to expand upon the traditional concert experience with VIP benefits, such as premium seats, VIP club access, and more. My typical duties took place at the Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk, a brand new concert venue in Brooklyn, NY. I did a lot of customer service work there, interacting with concertgoers at our VIP information table and making sure things were running smoothly in our VIP club. My fellow interns and I set up and broke down the club, information table, and all of our materials on each concert day. I was occasionally a “runner”, meaning I would drive to various locations in Brooklyn and pick up supplies for the venue. The PSS department of Live Nation does all of its own research and marketing, so during my work days in our NYC office, I spent my time prospecting for potential clients, creating weekly e-Blasts that were sent to our expansive regional subscription list, planning events to take place (including brainstorming event ideas and researching vendors), and organizing promotional materials and client gifts. All in all, the internship was very multifaceted, and I worked with a talented team of interns under enthusiastic and caring managers.

Feel free to e-mail me at with any specific questions!

Brian Kerwick, Premium Seat Sales Intern at Live Nation, NYC


Sophomore Marketing Major, Music Management Minor

Working with Live Nation’s Premium Seat Sales team over the summer provided me with incredible insight in the music industry.  I had the pleasure of collaborating with the team in their New York City offices as well as working at the Nikon Jones Beach Theater in Long Island, where I have attended numerous concerts growing up.  In the city, I had responsibilities that varied from bringing an innovative approach to creating marketing e-blasts, to designing and mailing out VIP packaging bundles to clients.  I also learned a great deal about the ticket side of the industry and how it impacts and all ties into other parts of the industry, such as agencies and booking.  At the Nikon, the interns had jobs that included working at the VIP info table, ensuring the contentment of our clients in the VIP Club Owners tent, and greeting and escorting clients to their box seats on the suite level. A lot of the work at the venue required running around behind the scenes to make sure that our clients were happy throughout each show. All of us became representatives of the company when we were in these roles, as we were help responsible for overseeing events and ensuring that everything was running smoothly. All of these tasks engaged us as interns and allowed us to take a personable approach to our positions, which I enjoyed because it offered me the opportunity to connect with other people who were investing in the company. I got to know some of our clients fairly well, and it was great to connect with them and understand why they feel passionate about music, too.  Our priority was to achieve the client’s happiness, because without the clients and patrons, none of our work would have any purpose at all.  Without fans, artists and bands wouldn’t be able to perform and further their careers. It’s a cycle that keeps the industry alive, beginning with the people who make the music and continuing with the people who come to watch it.  I seek to use my experience at Live Nation to one day add value and a definitive, positive impact to the music industry.

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